Europe's Driving Force

If you love EuroTruck Simulator as much as we do, why not come and join us at Eire Agri Haulage. We award you for the miles that you drive and are always keen to build up our network.  Click the link below to join the winning team, join Europe's Driving Force... join Eire Agri Haulage...

About The Game

Employee Mode

In the Employee Mode you are employedinthe Eire Agri virtual company. Job deliveries are automatically recorded in your logbook. You can also see your and company statistics and rankings.


Manager Mode

You will create your own company and manage it. You will hire new employees who will drive for your company.


What Do I Need?

Just register and download our program used for interaction with the game. It will automatically record your job deliveries to TrucksBook and communicate with the game. Then you can start exploring all possibilities of TrucksBook.


Loads of People will keep you company

Please don't think that you will be alone. We number thousands of fans and we all love to share our experiences and enjoyment of the game. Join us on Social media to chat.


We are social...

We love social media. It is the modern form of communication and we really do try to be everywhere... All our links are in our contact section at the bottom of each page.

We have also added these two quick links to our main Facebook pages for both Eire Agri Contractors and Eire Agri Haulage

Contact Eire Agri

Contact Information

Eire Agri Contractors... we are always open. However from time to time we may not be able to respond to your message immediately due to seasonal work committments. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible on all occasions.


+353 87 454 71651


Head Office: Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland